TEPA 505 winch

A general purpose winch with a wide range of applications. It is particularly suited for long continuous pull or lift. Because of the compact size and light weight the winch is very easy to attach for example to cable shelf, construction stand or cable manhole.

TEPA 505 winch consist of the body of TEPA 500 general purpose winch and 505A electric center. The winch includes also the primary axle for operating machine. The electric centre includes; power over load protection for motor, emergency switch and outlet plug. With this plug you can short cut the outlet and then manually handle the operating machine. Due to the outlet of the electric centre the coupling of the switches is very easy. Power over load protection prevents the drilling machine from power over load.

For working axle the same options are available as for TEPA 500 general purpose winch.

  • Pulling force max. 500kg.
  • Lifting force with rope drum max. 280kg.
  • Pulling speed 3-10m/min depending on the load and the operating machine.
  • Operating machine recommendation for pulling: a standard electric drilling machine 620W, 35Nm, 550rpm. (Operating machine is not included on standard delivery)
  • The gear is self-retaining of max 300 kg of pulling force
  • Operating machine is also possible to assembly in horizontal plane allowing working in very narrow space.
  • CE –marking
Tepa 505

Additional information:

Data sheet TEPA 505-series, PDF, 124 kB