TEPA 515 Cable pushing device

TEPA 515 cable pushing device is fastened to the working axle of TEPA 500 general-purpose winch  or TEPA 505 winch. The cable pushing device could be used for assisting the winch in cable pulling, when the pulling force is not enough. In this case the other winch is pulling and the other one is pushing the cable simultaneously. When pushing cables over 25mm of diameter the pushing roller is equipped with metal pressing rollers. When pushing cables less than 25mm of diameter the pushing roller is equipped with rubber pressing roller. It is easy to change the pressing rollers; just loosen or tighten the wing nuts.

When pushing glass fiber snake with rubber pressing roller, a pair of cable guides is mounted in to the frame of the winch. The glass fiber snake is guided trough these guides. There is a separate operating stand available to keep the winch and glass fiber snake stand on place. Both the winch and the glass fiber snake stand is very easy to attach to the operating stand without any tools needed. TEPA 500 general-purpose winch 

  • Pushing force about 300kg, depending on the operating machine.
  • Pushing speed 3-35m/min depending on the cable and the operating machine.
  • Diameter of the cable 5-80mm
Hoist winch

Data sheet TEPA 515, PDF, 254 kB