TEPA 601 pressure pipe drilling device

This device allows drilling directly through a saddle equipped with an interceptor or through a static valve. The device has been sealed in a way that allows the drilling to the hot water line in the district heating system.

The brass feed wheel has an 80 mm feed. There are a thrust bearing and a radial shaft seals at the upper end of the feed wheel. At one end of the shaft, there is a socket for a disc blade and for a centre drill. At the other end, there is a half-inch square that allows the connecting of a manual ratchet or a drilling machine operated worm gear. The biggest allowed size of the blade is 50 mm, with an optional part to be attached to the 2" thread;, it is possible to drill holes up to 150mm.

Technical data
601.1 Base model. Can be used with drilling shafts of different lengths (240 / 370 / 430).
601.2 Using an extension part it is possible to drill holes with the diameter 70 - 130 mm.
Suitable for making extension flanges for 80/100/150 mm mushroom valves.
  • the drilling length of the feed wheel is 150 mm
  • the length of the drilling shaft is 800 mm
  • a taper bush to be tightened is replaced by the feed motion
601.3 Built on model 601.1. The depth of the feed wheel is 80 mm. The 500 mm drilling shaft has an adjustable conical barrel. Adjusting the barrel enables You to drill thru valve housings of different lengths. Maximum blade is 40 mm.
Using these tools You can drill 20 – 40 mm holes in polymer-, cast iron- and steel pipes.
602 / 603 The drilling shafts are powered by an angular worm gear, a secondary shaft with an attached 1/2” square bushing.

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