TEPA 501.2 Mast winch

TEPA 501.2 mast winch is designed for lifting goods to a mast. The winch is easy to take along and does not need separate trailer or stationary assemble in to the service car.
TEPA mast winch is very easy to use and due the rope arrester lifting / lowering of the load is simple. Considering the demands of the mast work has work safety issues been in very important role in development work of the winch. TEPA 501.2 mast winch meets all the requirements of mast work safety regulations that there are for lifting with rope in Finland.
Mast winch

Technical data
  • Operating machine: 220V AEG SB2E 1010 RS 1010W, 54Nm, 2 speed: 1450-3400rpm electric drill.
  • Electrical center with adjustable power relay. Center includes also emergency stop, main switch and bypass switch. With bypass switch you can temporary pass the power relay.
  • Foot switch with 3m cord.
  • Rope arrester with release arm.
  • Rope drum.
  • Protective hood.

Maximum pulling / hoisting capacity 460 kg
Limited maximum pulling / hoisting capacity with slow gear 380 kg
Maximum pulling / hoisting speed with slow gear 9m/min
Limited maximum pulling / hoisting capacity with fast gear 120 kg
Maximum pulling / hoisting speed with fast gear 20m/min

As optional equipment an operating bracket (TEPA 501A mast winch bracket), that can be used to attach the winch e.g. to a towing hook of a car.
mast winch bracket

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