Mast work accessories

Storage box for rope
  • Ventilated box with cover
  • The box can take even 250m of 10mm rope
  • Dimensions (mm): 600x400x410 weight: 3,4kg
  • Code: 501B

Operating rope 10,5mm EN 1891
  • Strength 22kN
  • Strain 3%
  • Weight 68g/m
  • Including sealed double figure of eight loop knot on the other end of the rope
  • Maximum length 400m
  • Code: 501C
TEPA Ty�k�ysi

TEPA 50 Pole winch
TEPA 50 is a mechanical rope winch which includes a sheave and a rope catch.
  • Maximum load: 50kg.
  • Fastening to a pole with 3m band loop.

TEPA Mast bag
  • For carrying accessory, with shoulder band
  • Three lockers and two pockets with zippers for documents
  • Self fastening flap with clamps
  • Designed for mast assembly work
  • Extremely durable fabric
  • Made in Finland
TEPA Maastolaukku

Radiophone PMR-MT 900
  • 8/38 channels (=304 choices)
  • Transmission effect 500 mW
  • Table charger FA CHD
  • Battery FA-BP / cell AAA-size
  • Mono phone with HF-tangent 
TEPA Radiopuhelin

Closing rings EN 362
  • Steel or aluminum
  • Different sizes and closing mechanisms
TEPA Terässulkurenkaat

Sheaves EN 12278
  • Different sizes

Band loops EN 566
  • 60cm or 120cm
TEPA Nauhalenkit

Mast accessories Data Sheet (PDF, 140kB)