TEPA 550 Personal Rescue Equipment

TEPA 550 Personal rescue equipment is used together with the 501.2 mast winch to rescue an ill or injured person from a mast or another height.

The product is designed and manufactured according the standards EN341 + A1 1996.
’Personal protective equipment against falls from a height and descender devices’
Qualification approval is made based on descender device category EN 341-C.
Fimtekno has tested the product and CERTIFICATION No 01196 REFERENCE No 0121 is admitted on 26.02.2002.
In a work situation, two installers in a group of three persons are able to bring the injured person to the ground quickly and safely with the help of these device.

550 list of parts
  • Max personnel load 100 kg.
  • Max descent 150 m.
  • All the anchorage points must stand a 12 kN tension.

Additional information:

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