TEPA 500 general-purpose winch

A general purpose winch with a wide range of applications. It is particularly suited for long
continuous pull or lift. The winch is very easy to attach for example to cable shelf, construction stand or cable manhole. Using TEPA winches and other accessory equipment correctly even a tough job could be done more easily, effectively and safely.

TEPA 500 general purpose winch is easy to set up. Standard drilling machine is attached to the body of winch with primary axle. Depending on the purpose, a suitable equipment is mounted to the working axle and fastened with safety pin. Alternatives are rope drum, wire drum and cable pushing device. These alternatives create many possibilities for use.

  • Pulling force max. 500kg.
  • Lifting force with rope drum max. 280kg.
  • Pulling speed 3-10m/min depending on the load and the operating machine.
  • Operating machine recommendation for pulling: a standard electric drilling machine
    620W, 35Nm, 550rpm. A model with power over load protection must be used on lifting operations. (Operating machine is not included on standard delivery)
  • The gear is self-retaining of max 300 kg of pulling force.
  • Operating machine is also possible to assembly in horizontal plane allowing working in very narrow space.
  • CE –marking.

Download additional information:
Data sheet TEPA 500, PDF, 125 kB
TEPA 500 Operating Manual, PDF, 170 kB
Declaration of conformity, PDF, 7 kB