General winch accessories

Storage box for TEPA 500 general purpose winch

  • Robust plywood box. Every edge with aluminum batten
  • Includes 4 other compartments besides the winch
  • Lifting handles on the ends and a locking hasp on the cover
  • Dimensions (mm): 780x420x370 weight: 14,2kg
  • Order code: 500D 
Storage box for TEPA 505 winch
  • Like above, but dimensions for TEPA 505 winch.
  • Order code: 505D

Pulling rope 10mm plaited polyester
  • Strength 15kN
  • Good and economical rope for example cable pulling
  • Maximum length 180m
  • Order code: 521

Storage box for rope
  • Ventilated box with cover
  • The box can take even 120m of 10mm rope
  • Dimensions (mm): 600x400x230 weight: 2,7kg
  • Order code: 520

Pulling belt
  • To fasten the winch in pulling operations
  • Length 2m strength 20kN
  • Order code: 518

Fastening belt
  • To fasten the winch for example on cable shelf
  • Belt with locking wheel, strength 10kN
  • Order code: 519

Wire 5mm untwisted
  • Strength 16kN
  • Including a loop to the end of the wire
  • Weigth: 0,094kg/m
  • Order code: 517B

Hook with safety hasp

  • Maximum load: 1,12t
  • Order code: 517C

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