TEPA Sampling winch

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Technical data

  • Hoisting 80 kg.

  • Lift speed 25 m/min.

  • 10 mm polyester rope.

  • The lifting height is depending on  the length of the rope.

  • The load is prevented from falling off by a self-retaining gearbox.

  • Driving engine: 230 V AC
    1200 rpm 700 W power drill.

  • Power source: 230 V 1~ AC or
    12 V DC / 230 V AC inverter.

  • Turnable lifting arm, the length of the arm is 60 cm.
    Support pipe 180 – 250 cm.
    The arm and the winch can be detached from the support pipe.

  • Lifting speed/-power can be adjusted by varying the driving engine or its transmission.

  • After usage the winch is easy to detach and move to a storage area.