TEPA 501 Tension winch

Technical data
  • Tensile force max. 460 kg.
  • Hoisting slow max. 280 kg/9 m/min.
  • Hoisting fast max. 140 kg/20 m/min.
  • Driving engine 2-speed drilling machine: DEWALT DW515KS
  • Operating switch: foot pedal – hands free.
  • Safety device: overload M-protection.
  • Weight approx. 30 kg.
Tension winch

As optional equipment an operating bracket (TEPA 501/A mast winch bracket), that can be used to attach the winch e.g. to a towing hook of a car.
mast winch bracket

Data sheet TEPA 501, PDF, 160 kB
Declaration of conformity, PDF, 60 kB

FIMTEKNO certificate of conformity